My grandfather was a chemist. He devoted his life to studying and mastering chemistry for the benefit of others. His was a rigorous discipline that served his community, as well as his own interest in benefiting others. He is the progenitor of Ackerbauer Laboratories.

Dad & Grandpa Carl.jpeg
My father eventually learned the business and specialized in leather testing. Growing up in the leatherstocking region, every tannery needed to know what type of application their leather was best suited for. My father applied his creativity to improve the processes that allowed him to measure the qualities that made leather valuable to the local economy and beyond.

I always wanted to carry on the family business. But I specialize in change leadership and creative problem solving. It is the kind of alchemy that understands how people are best suited to collaboration, and yet requires no less precision. There are standards and benchmarks in leadership and teamwork, and as with my father and grandfather, there is experimentation. The value of my focus of study is arguably less tangible, but no less fundamental to the knowledge communities I serve.

Ackerbauer Laboratories was a real entity in a fixed time and location. Today, Ack Labs is wherever I am helping teams learn and grow.